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How to get the most out of
Clients & Profits reports

Here are five tips to help you get the most mileage from your Clients & Profits reports

Share reports with your clients. Some reports in Clients & Profits are perfect for sharing with clients, such as schedules, time lines, creative briefs, and more. By bringing clients into the loop, they realize that getting things done on-time and on-budget is partly their responsibility (If you use the My Clients & Profits! web server, clients can view their own jobs online, too).

Stop being a data meister. One you’ve identified which reports staffers should see, ask them to print their own. You’ll free up your time for more important work.

Use a PC to run long, complex reports. Although Clients & Profits is made for both Mac and Windows, complex reports with a lot of number crunching run faster on a Windows-based PC. In our testing, we found that most reports ran up to six times faster on a PC than even the fastest Mac because of Windows' superior data handling (i.e., disk I/O). Visit our benchmarks page for more info.

Print reports to screen instead of the printer. You can save a forest by viewing the reports on your monitor first, then sending them to the printer. Over time you’ll build a database full of historic information that can be viewed as comparative reports for year-to-year analysis. Once you get used to seeing reports on screen, you may never use paper again!

Mirror your style with a new font. If your agency uses a standard font, you can change the font setting in Clients & Profits to your shop’s signature font. (Remember to test the new font, though, as some reports might not print correctly when the font is changed.)

Q. How do I export C&P reports to Excel?

Many of the reports in Clients & Profits are spreadsheet-ready. When you print a C&P report to the screen, check to see if the Edit menu is enabled. If so, choose Select All, then Copy. Open a spreadsheet and choose Paste from the Edit menu in your spreadsheet program. The entire C&P report is copied to the spreadsheet with columns maintained, which now can be easily edited.

Q. Can I copy and paste just part of a report?

Yes. After printing the report to screen, click and drag your mouse around the portion of the report you wish to copy. A dotted line appears around what was copied. Choose Edit > Copy. Open a spreadsheet and choose Edit > Paste. Only the portion of the report you selected copies to the spreadsheet with the columns maintained, ready to be fine-tuned as necessary.

Q. Can I convert reports to PDF files?

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can convert reports to PDF. Follow these simple steps from the online tutorial here.

Q. There are so many reports in C&P. Are there printed samples somewhere?

The Clients & Profits web site includes an interactive database called the Report-o-matic, which sifts through more than 350 reports based on your job title (or view all of them alphabetically in a list.) Clicking on the report name shows a sample of the printed report, along with step-by-step printing instructions.


Q. What does printing a report to file do?

When you print a report to a file, it creates a PRN file, which can be opened in a spreadsheet software and saved as a new document. The nifty thing about printing to a file is that you can easily E-mail it to someone and let them open it in their spreadsheet software of choice.

Q. How can I put my shop’s logo on estimates, invoices, and POs?

You can add your logo to estimates, invoices, POs, IOs, and BOs using the templates in the Preferences menu. The size of your logo is very specific (795 pixels wide by 300 pixels high) and must be saved in either PICT or BMP format. To paste your logo, choose Setup > Preferences and choose the desired option (e.g., estimate, invoice, etc..). Click inside of the logo field, then choose Edit > Paste from File. Find your logo file. Click OK. Repeat these steps for each preference area as needed. For more information, see the logo tech note here.

Q. How can I submit an idea for a report I think should be in C&P?

Submit your idea to our on-line wish list here.

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