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The media department starts the process by adding media plans into their media buying system (e.g., Tapscan, SmartPlus, Strata). When the buyer finalizes the plan and places the order, the media buying system exports the order and its buys into a specially-formatted text file—one for each order. This file is saved into a special folder (named “media_buys”) on the file server.

The export file contains the details of the media order or invoice, including station/publication, run/issue dates, number of spots, cost, and more. These files are held in the media_buys folder on the file server until they are imported by the Media Link.

The C&P Media Link opens these text files, determines whether the file contains a broadcast order, print insertion order, or vendor invoice then saves the data into the Clients & Profits X—just as if it were entered manually. The export file is then moved automatically to the imported_buys folder (within the media_buys folder) for storage just in case it needs to be accessed at a later time.

To use the Media Link, you’ll first need to configure the media buying system to save its export files into the media_buys folder on your file server (you’ll probably need help from the media system’s helpdesk with this.) There’s nothing on the server to configure; since both Macs and Windows-based PCs can usually access the same file server, any kind of computer can be used for importing with the Media Link.


Introducing Media Link
Key Features
Starting the Media Link
Media Link Preferences
Importing Media Data
Media Link Log

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