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Before you can begin importing media buys, you’ll need to (1) create the “drop folder” into which the export files from your media buying system will be saved, (2) configure the interface in your media buying system to export to this drop folder, (3) create the the folder that saves the imported buys, and (4) configure the Media Link preferences to use these folders.

The “drop folder” is a folder (directory) on your file server that’s shared between your media buying system and Clients & Profits X. This is the location where the media buying system will “drop” new export files, as well as the location where the C&P Media Link will look for them when importing. The name of this folder must be called media_buys.

Before importing for the first time using the C&P Media Link, manually create two folders on the server. Name them media_buys and imported_buys. Place the imported_buys folder within the media_buys folder. We recommend that you place these folders no more than one directory deep and don’t use any special characters or spaces in the path to these folders. The media_buys folder contains new export files from your media buying system. After an export file is imported by the Media Link into Clients & Profits X, it is moved into the imported_buys folder. Imported files are saved indefinitely in case they are needed again (in case, for example, of damaged data). The files in the imported_buys folder are purged manually at your discretion.

Each media buying system has different steps for configuring its media interface. First, you’ll need to configure the media buying system to create Clients & Profits X (Standard Media Interface) export files and save them into the media_buys drop folder. You’ll probably need to call the media buying system’s tech support line for guidance.

There is no need to set the path to the media_buys folder in preferences. To set the path to the media_buys folder in Clients & Profits X, simply click the Import button. The select import file window opens and this is where the path is selected. Make sure any text file exists in both folders before setting the path. You need to double click on this file to properly set the path.

Starting the C&P Media Link

Unlike older versions of Clients & Profits, Media Link is now incorporated directly into the program, so there are no additional applications or plug-ins to install. Starting Media Link is simple, since it can be accessed directly via the menus in Clients & Profits X.

1 Choose Media > Media Link.

The Media Link window opens, displaying your Media Link Log.

The Media Link keeps a log of all kinds of activity, including every time a media buy is imported. It also logs any failed imports, such as when a client or vendor does not exist in Clients & Profits. The log can be printed by clicking the Print button. The log is maintained continuously until someone clicks the Clear button to delete it. If media buys are automatically imported, users can check the log throughout the day to check the day’s activity.


Introducing Media Link
Key Features
How the Media Link works
Media Link Preferences
Importing Media Data
Media Link Log

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