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The vendor diary does not keep an automatic log of every vendor activity. That would create an immense number of entries. Instead, the vendor diary is used like a daily log. Anyone who works with one vendor account can make notes about phone calls, meetings, etc.

These entries are intended to help accounting people to manage vendor accounts and to track payables and payments.

Each vendor diary entry includes the date and time it was added, as well as the initials of the staff member who added it. The entry’s subject and description are user-defined. Vendor diary entries can be useful for tracking problems, such as overdue invoices, credits pending, etc... Since each entry has a “resolved” checkbox, the Vendor Diary window clearly shows at-a-glance which entries are still pending. Once the vendor’s issue is closed, anyone can mark the entry as “resolved.”

To add a vendor diary entry

1 From the Vendor Diary window, click the add button.

The Add Vendor Diary Entry window opens.

2 Enter the date, subject, and description of the event or meeting. Vendor diary entries can be scheduled for some time in the future. These entries work like a “tickler” file, reminding people in accounting about ongoing issues with a vendor.

3 Select a staff member from the Notify pop-up menu to send an e-mail message with the diary entry as the body of the message.

Additional staff members or someone outside the company can also be notified by typing in their e-mail address in the cc: or bcc: fields.

4 Click Save.

Vendor diary entries can also be added from the Accounts Payable and Checkbook window. This lets users make quick, easy notes about a vendor when payables or checks are added.

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