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These quarterly newsletters feature useful tips, advice, and inspirational stories for Clients & Profits users, from novice to expert. Each newsletter focuses on a specific topic, such as estimating, billing, timekeeping, and traffic. (Printer-friendly Adobe Acrobat versions of each newsletter can be downloaded and printed from each newsletter page.)

image Time To Get Serious New! Articles Include: Don't Despair Over Challenging Times, Help is Here / Great Reasons Why You'll Want Clients & Profits X 10.2 / Don't Miss These Great 10.1 Features / How to Upgrade to C&P X 10.2 / Why Your Accountant Will Love C&P X 10.2 / Best Practices For These Challening Times / Introducing C&P X: Enterprise Edition / Work The Web With My Clients & Profits! X 10.2 / 5 Good Reasons To Move To MySQL / Upgrade FAQs
Better Time Keeping Articles Include: Better Timekeeping Makes Dollars and Sense / Better Time Keeping Means More Money / Tracking your time just got easier. / No More Excuses: 5 Easy Ways To Track Time / Cost and Billing Rates Made Easy / Creatives Can Do time Cards / 6 Reports That keep Time In Check
Security Articles Include: Build a Winning Plan to Recover From Disaster Faster / Plan for the Worst / 6 System Controls You Can't Afford to Overlook / How to Safeguard Data From Melvin / Know Where the Cash Goes / Security Q&A / 5 Red-Flag Reports / Stop Theives in Their Tracks / The Best Defense is a Good Defense
Billing Articles Include: Take the Bite Out of Billing With Smarter Planning / Making the Perfect Invoice / Inside the Billing Worksheet / Seven Ways to Customize Invoices / Billing Q&A / Invoice Types - There's One For Every Occasion / Working Smarter: Time & Space - No Science Fiction / Five Top Billing Reports
Reports Articles Include: Get Inside-Out Analysis With High-Performance Reports / Reports Your Staff Don't Want To See / Butt Saving Reports / Reports Q&A / Great Reports You're Probably Not Using / Find the Right Report Automatically / Working Smarter : Find (and stop) Vampire Clients / Your Morning Coffee Report

New Biz Articles Include: Keep - and Win - Clients With Better Client Management / Tools For Managing Client Relationships In Clients & Profits
Your Personal Work Calendar / Meetings Managed Marvelously / Top 10 Tips For Better Results From E-mail Blasts / Account Management Tips From The Clients & Profits Experts / Clients & Profits Q&A / Favorite Client Reports Revealed / Prospecting Just Got Easier

Getting Back on Track Articles Include: Get Back On Track For More Clients and Profits / Building Relationships: Working with the Clients & Profits Helpdesk / Desperate for Details? Just click ' i ' / Want something changed? Here's how / An Insiders Guide to / Clients & Profits Q&A / Guaranteed Great Ideas: Tips From the Clients & Profits Experts / The End of Clients & Profits / Bookmark these Best-of-Clients & Profits web pages

Cash Flow Articles Include: Plan Your Success with Better Cash Flow Management / What do you like about managing cash flow with Clients & Profits? / Cash Flow Q&A / Know What's Coming and Going: The Client Invoice Aging Report / Who's The Debt Collector At Your Shop? / Tips For Getting Paid Faster / Squeezing Vendors: Get the most from your suppliers / Why Budgets Matter

Productivity Articles Include: How To Be The Smartest Production Manager Ever / Identifying Productivity Pitfalls / Why use Clients & Profits to measure productivity? / Just how does your shop spend its time? / Staff Utilization & Department Productivity Reports / 10 C&P tools to increase your productivity / Productivity Q&A / Freelancer? Staffer? What's The Best Choice? / Productivity Tips from Real Clients & Profits Users

System Management Articles Include: Be a Database Superhero With Better System Management / System Management Terms Explained / System Management Q&A's / Who Should Be The System Manager? / A C&P System Manager's Top 10 Bookmarks / Powertools For Your Clients & Profits Database / System Management Tips From Clients & Profits Users / The Truth About Compatibility / Backing Up Saves Lives

Better Accounting Practices Articles Include: Bolster Your Books With Better Accounting Practices / Financial Accounting with Clients & Profits / Why Ratios Matter / Financial Accounting Q&A / Overhead Allocation Is Not Over Your Head / Trial Balance and Detailed G/L Reports / Are You Ready To Close The Year? / Accounting Tips From Clients & Profits Users / Closing The Month With Clients & Profits


Better Account Management Articles Include: Score Client Points With Better Account Management / Account Management With Clients & Profits? / My Clients & Profits! is Your Road Warrior / Job Progress -- AE's Window Into Job Profitability / Account Management Q&A / Account Management Tips From Real C&P Users / The Job Diary: Remember Everything / Six Slick Account Management Reports

Remote Access Articles include: Break Information Bottlenecks with Remote Access / How To Work From Home On Clients & Profits / Who Needs Remote Access / Working From Home With Timbuktu / My Clients & Profits! / Remote Access Q&A / Remote Access Tips From Real C&P Users
Better Job Costing Articles include: Conquer Your Clients With Better Job Costing / Job Costing With Clients & Profits / Markups Do Good Work / In-house Expenses and Internal Charges -- Why Bother? / Detailed Job Summary: The Best Place To See How Much Has Been Spent On The Job / Job Costing Q&A / Job Costing Tips From Real C&P Users / Getting Ready To Bill / Job Cost Transfers

Better POs Articles include: POs Keep Your Costs In Line and Work On Time / Know Your Vendors / Why Purchase Orders Matter / Control Issues: All About Accountability / Making The Perfect PO / PO Q&A / Purchase Order Tips From Real C&P Users / Prebilling POs = Fast Cash / 5 Great Tips for Closing & Reconciling Your POs


Better Media Articles include: Tame the Media Monster With Better Management / Mysterious Media Terms Explained / Don't Rekey Your SmartPlus, Strata, Tapscan Media Orders / Media Estimates, Quick, Simple, Practical / Client Media Calendar: The Best Place To See Where Your Clients' Ads Are Running / Media Q&A / Media Tips From Real C&P Users / Fast, Easy Media Billing / Make Good Madness


Better Profitability Articles include: Make More Money With Better Profitability Analysis / Job Profitability vs. Income Statement / Profit Margin: What's a Fair Profit? / What's Your Favorite Profitability Report? / Client P&L Analysis: The Profitability Report That Leads The Way / Profitability Tips From Real C&P Users / What Overhead Allocation Can Do For You / The Job Snapshot: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Better Accounting Articles include: Better Agency Accounting Means You Know The Score / Poised for Growth? You'll Need Profit Centers / Wild About Work in Progress / Accounting Periods: They're Locked, But You Have the Key / Financials: The Agency Scorecard / 6 Expert Accounting Tips

Better Billing Articles include: Better Cash Flow With Faster Billing / Inside the Billing Process / Invoice Types - There's One For Every Occasion / Making the Perfect Invoice / Billing Tips From Real C&P Users / Getting Paid: Client Agings, Statements, and Payments / 7 Ways to Customize Invoices

Better Estimating Articles include: Create Bigger Profits With Better Estimating / Flexibility Helps Everyone Make Smart-Looking Estimates / Pros & Cons: Showing Hours on Estimates / Making the Perfect Estimate / Estimating Tips From Real C&P Users / When the Client Changes its Mind / 7 Ways to Customize Estimates

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